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Do you have a great and scalable idea to innovate in sports?  

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In 2017 Hype – Sports Innovation gave birth to a global network of sports start-ups accelerators (the Hype Labs), together with 8 leading actors distributed over 3 continents.  

Trentino Sviluppo is the one of the two European participants to the program. Every acceleration path entails 4 months of incubation, with no added costs and no equity share for the participating start-ups.

The mission of the Hype laboratories is to accelerate the growth of the start-ups that work for improving technology in the sports environment.  


This one of a kind path includes activities such as formative moments, coaching sessions and provides access to top-notch technologies.

The added value of the Lab set in Trentino is the opportunity for start-ups to keep growing. Even after the end of the program Trentino Sviluppo could support the start-ups its green-tech hub Progetto Manifattura.

Last but not least, the participating teams will have the opportunity to present their idea on an international stage to seek funding.


Excellent teams with 2-to-4 members

A great idea, new and scalable 

Passion, energy and will to succeed 

Sports-oriented technological ideas 


Specialized and Personalized Coaching A unique training path with some of the world’s best mentors and coaches 

Access to Advanced Technologies Take advantage of the first-class technologies of Polo Meccatronica and Progetto Manifattura hubs

Free Incubation, With No Equity Sharing A 4 month incubation to accelerate the growth of your idea together with other innovative startups 

Easy Access to Funding and Investors Spin Accelerator is a unique stage for letting investors and enterprises know about your idea

10K Euros to Make your Idea Grow The winner will be granted a training path at Trentino Sviluppo and a prize of 10 thousand euros for the purchase of counselling and services (tied to the settlment in Progetto Manifattura)  

Global and innovative network Spin Accelerator is part of a global context of startups and innovative sports-tech companies  

Paolo Bouquet Delegate for Sport University of Trento

Andrea Cuoghi Mentor Incubators and Startup Unit Trentino Sviluppo

Riccardo FIsogni Business Angel 

Christian Giacom Mentor Incubators and Startup Unit Trentino Sviluppo

Itay Ingber VP Innovation HYPE Sports Innovation

Fabio Lalli CEO IQUII Digital Company

Giuseppe Lira Manager Manifattura Valcismon (Karpos, Sportful, Castelli)

Francesco Mantegazzini Manager Infront Lab Infront Italy

Gianmaria Sbetta Program Manager Venturelab

Stefano Tambornini Director Wylab

Michele Tosi Manager Incubators and Startup Unit Trentino Sviluppo

Matteo Vicentini Department Manager Decathlon Italia


ProM Facility  

It is here, at the ProM Facility laboratories of Polo Meccatronica, in Rovereto, that innovation finds its true shape. ProM employs cutting edge machinery, unique in Italy, handled by a highly trained and qualified staff. It is a laboratory in which enterprises can transform their ideas into real products. These products can then be tested and researchers get the chance to conduct complex experiments.  

At this facility we have access to 3D printing and scanners, laser cutting, metrology, mechatronic and digital prototyping, ICT for the industry, cyber security and a lot more. This is all sustained by European funds. In short, students and high potentials are trained here to become the next 4.0 industry technicians and the selected start-ups will have access to the same opportunities and technologies.  

Progetto Manifattura  

Progetto Manifattura is an industrial innovation centre that operates in the sectors of sustainable construction industry, renewable energies and environmental technologies.  

Its aim is to foster the development of a production system specialized on the areas of sustainability and clean technologies. It provides specialized services and chances for entrepreneurial growth. 

In Progetto Manifattura you can find research, formation, technical assistance and networking – all of this in an area both historically and technologically unique.

Polo Meccatronica  

Polo Meccatronica is a highly technological and dynamic place in which companies, researchers and student project, produce and test solutions for industry 4.0. It was built in Rovereto in an historically industrial area of the city. It now hosts around 40 companies, among which are big conglomerates, medium and small enterprises and innovative startups

This technical-scientific project is coordinated by public-private task force with interdisciplinary competences. Such team, guided by the autonomous Province of Trento, is composed by the Bruno Kessler Fundation, the University of Trento, Confindustria Trento and the technical and professional institute CFP G. Veronesi.  


The TESS Lab laboratories will occupy an area of 600 square meters and will be structured around three main sectors, identified as strategic for the development of Progetto Manifattura: smart home, sustainable mobility and sports industry.

TESS Lab will be a dynamic environment taht will offer to companies the chance to develop innovative projects thanks to top-notch echnologies, products and materials. Through technology transfer, TESS Lab will facilitate the training of a new generation of students, able to face new challenges with a multidisciplinary approach.


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