Le startup di Spin Accelerator 2018

SENSE ARENA (CZ) It is developing a virtual hockey training program, capable of simulating the sensation of being on ice to help athletes develop specific cognitive functions and skills sensearena.com 

TWOGNATION (EST) They are designing the first e-sports aggregator. A single platform for athletes, clubs, sponsors and organizers which allows to handle information and monitor users' participation twognation.com 

TONI.AI (AUS) It works on a soccer chatbot that communicates with every fan and engages them via highly-targeted sales&marketing suggestions, using the most popular messages platforms toni.ai 

WE FIT (IT) An alternative to sportsclub subscriptions. We Fit develops a service through which users can be in direct contact with some of the best sports trainers within their city we.fit 

WEAR.IT (IT) A platform for the engagement that allows skiers to have a smart, safe and fun experience through the use of different technological wearable devices and digital services for the measurement of performances wearit.net 

GOAL SHOUTER (IT) It is a mobile app that uses a cloud technology for handling digital content produced by clubs, sports leagues, federations, media and sports brands goalshouter.com 

SAPHIBEAT (US) Saphibeat works on a solution for outdoor sports security. PhiPAL will be a smart device directly mounted on the helmet taht detexts accidents and, if the user is unable to do it or is unconscious, automatically launches a first aid request saphibeat.com 

COREHAB (IT) CoRehan is developing an app designed to allow sports traiers to evaluate their athletes' performances in an easy and accurate way, thanks to a software guided by wearable tracking sensors corehab.it 

MAS-TECH (IT) It is developing a software infrastructure capable of processing information from tennis matches videos, so to automatically generate data about performances and game strategies zlamtennis.com 

MATH&SPORT (IT) Math&Sport created an innovative multi-sports platform dedicated to sports performance improvement, through objective measurement of the single athlete's movements mathandsport.com 



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